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  • Codesys Workshop
    Codesys Workshop

    Introductory course to Codesys ®, ideal for engineers, technicians and...

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  • Apply Intelligence in your data: Generate KPI's, do advanced calculations, generate dashboards and graphics and make them visible on any device. Would you be interested more info? DATASHEET

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  • Industrial Historian training focused on the Canary Labs tool. The purchase by this means gives access to the next classroom course. For In Company courses contact us.

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  • Configure alarms to get notified when unwanted conditions occur. Use the alarm analytics tool which exposes “bad actors”, alarm flooding, and periods of unusual alarm activity.

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  • The true power of automation begins when you can begin to historicize data. With our historian, you can save the history of thousands of tags. DATASHEET

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items